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Who Is Adeline Koh?
I am an anomaly. 
I'm hardly the typical skincare guru. I used to think all cosmetics were marketing BS. I never spent more than $10 on a product, and never expected to see results from any line.

One day, frustrated with my skin, I decided to do comprehensive research on cosmetic chemistry in order to make my own products. I figured the only way I could trust that the products were effective were to make them myself. 

My skin transformed. My friends, seeing the difference, bugged me to make them my products. Once they saw their own transformations, they asked me to set up shop. That is how Sabbatical Beauty, a small-batch Korean-inspired skincare company, with hundreds of five-star reviews and extremely dedicated customer base was born.

In this webinar series, I'll show you how to steal my years of research into cosmetic chemistry, so you can make your own informed decision at the cosmetics counter.
In this Free Webinar Series you will learn:
How To Hack My Research
In this 3 part webinar series, I'll show you the quick steps to all the painstaking research I did, so that you will be able to shop with confidence
Know If An Expensive Product Is Worth It
I'll explain what are commonly the most expensive and cheapest parts of skin care products, and provide cheatsheets you can bring with you to shop
Evaluate How Effective a Product Will Be... Even Without Trying It
I'll show you how to dissect a product's ingredient list, so you can tell how effective it's probably going to be, even before you apply a dab of it on your skin
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